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0190 critical low battery error lenovo что делать

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0190 critical low battery error only on boot lenovo x 1 carbon gen 7

I replaced my x1 carbon battery with a new one. The battery itself seems to be okay. However, it isn’t a Lenovo original (I can’t find any). On boot, if I don’t have a charging cable plugged in, it won’t boot and states «0190 critical low battery error» even though it works perfectly fine in Windows when unplugged. Also, the battery voltage at 100% is around 16.01v. Any help would be greatly appreciated. the battery I got was «15.4V 51Wh battery for Lenovo ThinkPad X1 CARBON 7TH GEN-20QD» from lenovobatt.

asked Nov 19, 2023 at 2:48
Alex Guesnon Alex Guesnon
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I have such a machine and I used a certified Lenovo dealer to replace the battery and it works fine.

Lenovobatt is not a certified replacement source so far as I can see.

Accordingly, I suggest returning the battery for a refund and then get a battery from a certified source.

Troubleshoot or diagnose problems

This section provides introduction to a set of diagnostics and troubleshooting tools at Lenovo Support Web site, the Vantage app, and in your computer. They can help you diagnose common software and hardware issues.

The following table lists these diagnostics tools and the recommended conditions for each tool.

  • Your computer is installed with the Vantage app.
  • You want to perform basic examinations of the hardware components.
  • You cannot log in to the operating system.
  • Your computer cannot connect to the network.

If you see a message that is not included in the following table, record the error message first, then shut down the computer and call Lenovo for help. See “Lenovo Customer Support Center”.

This error indicates that the operating system or programs cannot create, modify, or delete data in the non-volatile system UEFI variable storage due to insufficient storage space after POST.

The non-volatile system UEFI variable storage is used by the UEFI BIOS and by the operating system or programs. This error occurs when the operating system or programs store large amounts of data in the variable storage. All data needed for POST, such as UEFI BIOS setup settings, chipset, or platform configuration data, are stored in a separate UEFI variable storage.
Press F1 after the error message is displayed to enter the UEFI BIOS menu. A dialog asks for confirmation to clean up the storage. If you select “Yes”, all data that were created by the operating system or programs will be deleted except global variables defined by the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface Specification. If you select “No”, all data will be kept, but the operating system or programs will not be able to create, modify, or delete data in the storage.

If this error happens at a service center, Lenovo authorized service personnel will clean up the non-volatile system UEFI variable storage using the preceding solution.

The battery-charge LED indicator (hereafter referred to as LED indicator) blinks to help you diagnose and solve some computer problems.

The illustration of battery charge LED indicator is next to battery charge connector

Indicator blinking patterns

The LED indicator blinks amber first and then white continually, consisting of different blinking patterns. Each blinking pattern corresponds to an error code. For example, when the LED indicator blinks amber once The illustration of indicating amber LED indicatorand then blinks white twice The illustration of indicating white LED indicator , the blinking pattern The illustration of indicating amber LED indicator The illustration of indicating white LED indicator corresponds to error code 0001.

Refer to the blinking patterns and error codes in the table below to solve your computer problems.

  • The LED indicator blinks automatically only when the error in the following table occurs.
  • The LED indicator blinks continually until the computer turns off. If you need to interrupt the process, press power button for a few seconds.
  • Do not attempt to service a computer yourself unless instructed to do so by the Customer Support Center or product documentation. Only use a Lenovo-authorized service provider to repair your computer.

«0190: Critical low-battery error» on Lenovo Thinkpad T540p

When powering on, a refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad T540p (which worked for a few months without any problems) shows «0190: Critical low-battery error». Although the Thinkpad splash screen says to press Enter to see the BIOS settings, that doesn’t work. The system immediately shuts down. The manual says for this error:

Solution: The computer turns off, because the battery is low. Connect the ac power adapter to the computer and charge the battery, or replace the battery with a fully charged one.

Unfortunately the laptop won’t boot when plugged into AC either. And I’ve also tried removing the battery and just using AC, and it won’t boot at all (and doesn’t even show the error). I’ve tried unplugging the coin cell CMOS battery and plugging it back in (since I read on forums that resetting settings in this way might help). The only effect was that now I also see a new error upon boot:

0251 : System CMOS Checksum bad — Default configuration used. Real Time Clock Error — Check Date and Time settings.

I’ve also tried replacing the main battery and also the charger. Neither helped. A friend uses her Thinkpad T540p plugged into the wall without a battery. The fact that mine can’t do this (boot up while relying on AC power from the wall, leaving the main battery removed) implies to me that the problem is neither the main battery nor the charger nor the coin cell battery but instead is the wiring between the AC charger port and the rest of the system. That is, even when a known «good» charger is plugged into the power port, the power isn’t flowing through to the system or to charging a dead battery. What should the next step of my diagnosis (and fix) be? It’s confusing to me that the computer worked fine for months, and now that the warranty is expired, it won’t charge or boot up, even though I can’t think of any event that would have caused this problem.

Solved! Lenovo T410s — 0190 critical low battery error

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Jan 11, 2021 1 0 10

I got old Lenovo T410s laptop which had very weak battery but I didn’t care since I was always running on power adapter.
However suddenly it started to show:
0190 critical low battery error
during startup and turned off.
It contains additional battery in extension bay (i.e. CD bay).
I tried to remove this battery and it was very difficult.
It occurs this battery has swollen.
Removing additional battery and running with only primery battery didn’t help. Still
0190 critical low battery error
error occurred and no go.
Removing primery battery with power adapter plugged in resulted in laptop not responding to power button at all.
One week later I’ve just checked and laptop stopped to responding to power button even with primery battery and power adapter plugged in.
Is the laptop dead?
Should the laptop run with batteries removed and power adapter plugged in?
Could the swollen battery in extension bay damage some important circuits in laptop?
Is there any chance that replacing primery battery will fix the issue?


Did you replace the CMOS battery?

Yes the failed battery may have damaged something.

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