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Driving Efficiency: Exploring Deutsche Telekom’s Sustainable Partnership with Xiaomi

In today’s age where efficiency and sustainability need to go hand in hand, Deutsche Telekom and Xiaomi came together for their mission to redefine technology for a better future. Following the new standard for efficiency in the tech industry, our two teams created new devices to improve sustainability. Find out how they can maximize performance while minimizing their carbon footprint. Welcome to a world where performance meets sustainability — Welcome to the future with Deutsche Telekom and Xiaomi.

The problem

Efficiency and sustainability are more important than ever, especially in the technology industry. The ever-growing use of electronic devices leads to higher energy consumption and a larger ecological footprint. This presents a challenge that companies must address to reduce their environmental impact while creating new and innovative technologies.

The old solution

In the past, many technological solutions were developed to improve device performance without adequately considering energy efficiency. This often led to higher energy consumption and the inefficient use of resources. Conventional chargers and processors were typically not designed for energy savings, resulting in radiated heat.

The new solution

The tech industry has entered a new era of sustainability thanks to the collaboration between Xiaomi and Deutsche Telekom. Our goal was to enhance performance while decreasing energy usage by using carefully chosen components and cutting-edge technologies. The new Xiaomi 13 , which has a CPU with 42% more power and 49% less energy consumption, is the perfect example of this. Furthermore, the new charger is 97% more efficient than traditional chargers, which show only 88% efficiency. Following the goal of sustainability, these new devices avoided the burning of 15 tons of coal, taking us one step further to a greener planet.

Deutsche Telekom and Xiaomi’s creative partnership shows that it is feasible to create potent technological solutions that are also environmentally friendly. These initiatives make important positive contributions to sustainability and decrease negative effects on the environment. This collaboration is a shining example of innovation, paving the way for future generations to live more sustainably.

Question AppEnabler app

I hope I’m in the correct forum. Since a few weeks I have an app on my phone which calls itself AppEnabler (version A14.0.0.0).
The app has no Icon and can only be found when I look in the settings under apps.
I can’t stop it or deactivate it. Uninstalling isn’t possible as well.
I googled a bit and found some apps with the same name provided by the Deutsche Telekom AG. I uninstalled everything I had from Deutsche Telekom AG but without success.

The app seems to display ads on the notification screen from time to time.

//Name of the app was wrong

Last edited: Apr 12, 2022

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Dec 4, 2015 119 37 Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro
Try using ADB to uninstall or disable it


Jan 11, 2016 6 7
But is there any chance to see which app installed this app?


Jan 11, 2016 6 7

I checked the install date with AppInspector and the it’s before I even bought the phone.
Could it be possible that it’s a default app included with the base install image?
Can someone check if he has the app as well?

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Sep 28, 2011 2,927 925 Akron OnePlus 9 OnePlus 9 Pro
No app here.


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Jan 11, 2016 6 7
Thanks for checking


Jan 11, 2016 6 7

I followed the advice and uninstalled it via adb. AppInspector showed that the app had full rights (was allowed to access everything). It was spyware/adware for sure

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May 9, 2007 16,215 3 9,542 Cosmos Samsung Galaxy Watch OnePlus 10 Pro

I followed the advice and uninstalled it via adb. AppInspector showed that the app had full rights (was allowed to access everything). It was spyware/adware for sure

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